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Scientist (Postdoc) as Medical Scientist focusing on MR-based metabolic imaging (MR-Spectroscopy­­,­­ CEST) 02.10.2021 Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt Frankfurt
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Scientist (Postdoc) as Medical Scientist focusing on MR-based metabolic imaging (MR-Spectroscopy, CEST)
Aktualität: 02.10.2021


02.10.2021, Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt
Scientist (Postdoc) as Medical Scientist focusing on MR-based metabolic imaging (MR-Spectroscopy, CEST)
The position is offered at the Institute of Neuroradiology (Prof. Dr. Elke Hattingen, Dr. Ulrich Pilatus). Research projects will be conducted primarily at the close-by Brain lmaging Center (BIC), a collaborative research center created by the Goethe-University Frankfurt, the Ernst-Strüngmann Institute and the Max-Planck-Institute. The BIC is a place of interdisciplinary research and intellectual exchange with weekly project presentation meetings and discussions. The Institute of Neuroradiology specializes in advanced MR imaging methods to evaluate different biological features related to diagnosis and targeted treatment. While focusing on patients with brain tumors also neurological disorders are studied. Over the past years, the institute started to reach out to other oncologic subspecialities, transferring expertise to various tumor entities. One important current project aims at adding 1 H/31 P-MRS in vive metabolic profiling as a novel molecular level to the multi»omics assessment of lymphoma (superficial lymph nodes) to identify disease subtypes and predictive biomarkers. The successful candidate should participate in this project by implementation and optimization of the required MRS sequences. We are looking for someone dedicated to establishing project specific MRS (and GEST) methods as well as standardized post-processing and data quantification. There will be full support by other researchers of the Institute of Neuroradiology and BIC, including the methodological research group "MR Core Structure" that promotes the creation of novel data acquisition and analysis techniques. While following up on his/her own research interests, the Medical Scientist can get involved in several ongoing translational projects taking advantage of the close interdisciplinary cooperation between the Institute of Neuroradiology, Neurology and Neurosurgery. The Comprehensive Cancer Center Consortium UCT Frankfurt-Marburg is internationally well connected and ensures accessibility of many study patients.
University degree in medicine or life science or physics and PhD or MD or MD-PhD with outstanding scientific credentials and postdoc experience Publications in high-ranking international scientific journals Expertise in cancer research and/or MR (especially MRS) imaging technologies A competitive research proposal within the outlined project Strong interest in promoting your scientific qualifications and developing into an independent group leader Broad experience in the management of scientific projects High level of motivation and communication skills Governmental regulations require a valid proof of measles immunity or vaccination Development of a personal scientific profile with the help of an internal mentor Excellent basic research closely linked to translational and clinical aspects in close cooperation with clinical scientists A diverse and challenging task in an outstanding scientific and international environment Part-time possibilities (the position is divisible) Applicants with disabilities will be preferred if personal and professional skills are the same.