Expert in GIS/LIS, geoportal and e-services, design & programming (m/f)


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Expert in GIS/LIS, geoportal and e-services, design & programming (m/f)


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Requirements: Solid experience in all phases of requirements analysis, business process modelling, design, programming and implementation of enterprise geospatial software/IT for management and administration for land and natural resources preferably with Open Source GIS technologies and the ESRI portfolio. Minimum professional experience of 10 years. Excellent English. Technical assistance project experience, reporting and training capabilities, team management experience. Preferred requirements: Arab, French, Spanish or Portuguese is an asset. Contact persons: Matthias Schulz, Johannes Heymann Remarks: The submitted personal data will be treated according to the data protection laws in Germany. Additionally your application will be treated company confidential. If you are interested being registered in our internal expert database for future job opportunities, please mention this within your application so that we can contact you when an opportunity arises.

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