Senior Test Engineer Wafer Probing (d/m/w)

93055 Regensburg (Stadt), 93047 Regensburg

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Senior Test Engineer Wafer Probing (d/m/w)

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung


Electro-optical testing of LED-semiconductor wafers (4, 6 and 8 inches) at different production sites and at different positions in the value chain - this includes sample measurement at test structures for process control and 100% measurement for characterization and quality assurance of components before wafer separation Knowledge, operation and independent further development of fully automatic wafer probing tools in close cooperation with manufacturers of commercial equipment Cooperation or partial management of evaluation and implementation projects in the field of wafer level testing. Collaboration or management of 8D and Taskforce Teams. Optimization of electrical and optical test sequences in the stress field between measurement accuracy and measuring speed - for this purpose, development of special measurements via measuring cards and microcontrollers. Close and independent cooperation with measuring instrument manufacturers for power/voltage sources, spectrometers, detectors as well as the control of the measuring technology by suitable test sequence software Process creation for new chip products in close cooperation with the product developers and manufacturing, from understanding the measurement requirement profile to handing over a robust, high-quality and cost-effective measurement process to the production facilities in Regensburg and Malaysia

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93055 Regensburg (Stadt)

93047 Regensburg