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VRAI.com Europe eCommerce / General Manager



At VRAI, we believe in creating diamond jewelry that inspires beauty, optimism and possibility through the human lens of innovation, the power of continually moving forward and embracing change, and in the beauty of evolution. We’re bringing unique, sustainably created diamond shapes and customizable designs to conscientious consumers. Our exceptional fine jewelry and engagement rings feature created diamonds from our foundry, which is the only certified diamond producer in the world with zero carbon footprint.

Innovation, quality craftsmanship and sustainability is at the core of our products and our everyday values. We are committed to raising the standard in the jewelry industry towards a sustainable future. We pride ourselves in our ethical partnerships working with organizations that are creating an impact in environmental and equality initiatives.

For our expansion into Europe, we are looking for an entrepreneurial eCommerce / General Manager.

This is a ground floor opportunity to create something new on a Europe wide basis.

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